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  • Harbin Springs Road, California, United States Of America, 95461

18424 Harbin Springs Road, Middletown, CA 95461, United States

(707) 987-2477

If you go to Harbin Hot Springs there's a few things you should know. There is no internet access or coverage. You can day trip or stay overnight. Not for everybody: it's a unique California hippy experience. The entire area is clothing optional so you'll see naked people walking around and in the pools. The atmosphere is cool and respectful. The place is peaceful surrounded by beautiful nature complete with grazing deer and wild turkeys. The pools are hot, warm and cold - all are excellent and clean. I especially liked the unexpected large warm lap pool. The area is quite vast and spans a couple of acres. You can stay in geodesic Domes with shared kitchens, a women's dorm or there are rooms right next to the pools which are newer. You'll also find a number of private cabins and room for camping. The place can be described as self-serve; don't expect a concierge or a guided tour. There's a few restaurants on site, but we suggest you bring your own food basics so you don't have to worry about restaurant open and close times. It's a great place to relax for one night.

Harbin Hot Springs is located 3.2 mi (5.6 km) North of Middletown. For more information on Harbin Hot Springs see: http://www.harbin.org/

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  • 2015-10-13T13:31:37-04:00

@Marina this place just burned to the ground in the last set of fires to go through Cali