2012-11-07 11:05:40+0000 - Jausiers, Provence-Alpes-Côte-d'Azur, France
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  • 47.7km / 29.6 mi
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  • 57:52

Col de la Bonette: Riding through the French Alps and the highest road in Europe

Ride your motorcycle along the Col de Bonette in the French Alps, located on the French and Italian border. The entire route from Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée to Jausiers takes one hour over 47.4 km (29.5 mi) of twisty alpine roads. Riders can opt for a small detour by looping around one of the mountain peaks off the main route. This detour road is known as Cime de la Bonnete and it is the highest road in Europe.

Start in Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée a small village of 1,300 people in Southeastern France. Connected to the village via gondola, the Ski Resort Auron is located in the outskirts 90 km (56 mi) North of Nice. This village has classic French charm, with its off-white buildings and red roofs all stacked into a small area.

Start the route going from Saint-Étienne-de-Tinée, France riding to Cime de la Bonette. Go Northwest on the Col de Bonette (D64) for 24.9km (15.5 mi) to reach Cime de la Bonette. The Alpine roads here are full of hairpins and twisties along the peak of the mountains.

Cime de la Bonette is a loop that starts and ends on the Col de la Bonette, located 24.9 km (15.5 mi) into the route. It is the highest road in Europe at 2,802 metres (9,193 ft) in elevation. It is also the highest point during the Tour de France race. Riders should note that this road, although paved, is fairly barren otherwise. There are no barriers to keep wayward travellers from wondering off the road, nor is there much in the way of run-off from the edge of the road to the edge of the mountain which features a spectacular, but deadly 9,000 ft drop.

Cime de la Bonette to Jausiers, France sees riders continuing Northbound on D64 for the final stretch of 22.5 km (14 mi) on picturesque alpine roads.

Jausiers is a village of 1,000 people. There are several small shops, cafés and patisseries to visit. The Jausiereine, a blueberry or raspberry filled layer cake is a popular pastry in Jausiers. For more information on what to see, where to eat and sleep in Jausiers see: www.jausiers.com

Although brief, riding the Col de Bonette in the French Alps promises to be a spectacular experience. The Cime de la Bonnete allows for great views of the Alps in all directions as it circles the mountain peaks. Enjoy the ride. Eat Sleep RIDE.

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  • JamesL
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The video at the bottom of this route is excellent!