In the December 2012 Bike Magazine we found a serious mini-magazine full of glossy pictures and stories about the KTM 1190 Adventure and the Adventure R, both street motorcycles are touted as the most important KTMs yet! The guys at Bike Magazine were pumped to take out three 1190 Adventures for a first ride. They documented it all in 35 glossy pages.

Since KTM decided to take their motorcycle vision on-road 12 years ago, they've kept their wheels glued on the adventure bike market and it's incumbants. The 1190 Adventure seems to be the golden egg. This year, if KTM does very well, CEO Stefan Pierer says they'll sell 100,000 motorbikes and grow to three times their size. And he's coming out the corner fighting!

"If you're looking for a very sporty bike then I think you head towards KTM. It's a little bit noisy, for sure, it's aggressive, but it's also a statement... If you want a more comfortable bike with a premium image just to show up in front of a café with, maybe you will take a BMW..."

But KTM is not only taking on BWM, they've set their sights on converting riders from Triumph, Yamaha and Ducati. Gerald Kiska, head of KTM's design agency has this to say:

"I can't sit on a Triumph Explorer. You have to spread your legs too wide."

"The Super Ténéré is half a car! My God, the Yamaha is all about the weight. It behaves like a car on the road, so it's very far away from what we do."

"The Ducati Multistras is fantastic... for small people... The knee angle gets too much for a touring bike, and the seat is too short so ou cannnot move backwards and forwards. You are screed to the bike more or less."

Hopefully we'll see KTM at EICMA next week and ask our own questions. Add your Qs to the comments and we'll ask them as well. See you in Milano!

A few fast facts:

  • KTM is based in Mattigohofen, Austria just north of Salzburg.
  • It takes about 1 hour to assemble a bike
  • The 1190 Adventure won't be launched until Spring 2013

For more you can pick up Bike Magazine in stores, it's not available online.

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  • alex
  • 2012-11-09T08:24:54-05:00

I have to say, this is probably the best looking KTM ever made, though I think it needs a beak to fit in with everyone else... Going to be interesting to see the numbers, but Id have to say, at least off road, this will probably be a BMW beater, though I'll be surprised if they hit those sales numbers.