Ducati, Ducati, Ducati. You are a brand focused on quality and prestige, so what was the announcement last night?

Maybe I should backtrack. Ducati last night announced their new model line up. I'll summarize

  • Updated Panigale 1199 with a better mid-range throttle response
  • Completely new Hypermotard that is apparently easier to ride
  • A new Diavel aimed at touring called the Diavel Strada (shown below without the luggage which makes it look even more lardy)
  • A new hypermotard aimed at touring called the Hyperstrada

Confused much? I'll try and make sense of this.

The first thing we know is what Ducati told us: Strada is now their term for mid-range touring packages. So, does that mean the Multistrada is now a mid- range touring bike? If you just bought their previously top of the line sport tourer, your resale might just be reduced.

And what's with the Hyper phrase? Once upon a time, it was a "beyond super" super moto, the word Hyper being a thinly veiled synonym for Hooligan. But now, apparently, it's softer and easier to ride. Who wants that?

It would seem that Ducati, despite all the razzamatazz at this years event, simply ran out of ideas and decided to fill in the gaps between model lines. Perhaps it's due to the Audi take over, or the uncertain economic situation, but it seems that for once, Ducati failed to take a chance.

For the optimist among you, the new models means maximizing user choice. For the pessimists (and that means me) it just means consumer confusion.

At least one things not changed - their bikes still look damn good.

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  • JamesL
  • 2012-11-13T09:13:14-05:00

I am with you @alex , this new line although pretty is confusing, what's next the Ducati Scooterstrada?