Whether in his time off from filming in Los Angeles or on set in Georgia for The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus loves riding and is often spotted doing so.

On AMC's The Walking Dead, Norman Reedus very convincingly brings to life the character of Daryl Dixon. Although not originally part of the Comic book, his angry, survivalist redneck character quickly became popular. He's so convincing, that fans might be surprised to learn that this New York-based actor is a die-hard motorcyclist. He is often been seen riding his Harley Davidson Sportser and it's more likely that you will find a camera, not a crossbow, in his hands. Prior to the fame and fortune acting has brought him, Reedus regularly spun wrenches at a local motorcycle shop which served him as an income and soul food.

Photo credit: www.zimbio.com 

On set of The Walking Dead he always rides, what looks like a heavily modified Triumph of some sort. Some would say the Triumph might not be the perfect bike for the zombie apocalypse because of its small fuel tank and loud engine. According to the story's plot Reedus' character Daryl Dixon rides it because of his presumed fallen brother--to whom the bike belongs to. It's that or producers decided he just looks cool riding on it with a crossbow.

Popular opinion is that the motorcycle ridden in The Walking Dead is a Triumph Bonneville 650. What do you think it really is? Sound off in the comments below.

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  • alex
  • 2012-11-13T13:08:45-05:00

Hmm. The triumph wouldn't be a perfect zombie apocalypse bike due to a small gas tank and noisy engine? That's probably true of any bike except a brammo/Zero/etc and good luck getting those charged in the future


The Walking Dead Wiki lists the bike as a '1976 Triumph Bonneville Hardtail Fram Conversion' but then again it is a wiki page.