Last month at Intermot, KTM announced their 1190 Adventure but at EICMA 2013 it was relegated to the side of the stage as Toby Moody unveiled some exciting new naked models for next years KTM range:

Duke 125 with ABS

The Duke 125 has been on sale now for about two years and has proven very popular with new riders, or those looking for fun on a budget. It looks like a "real" bike and while it makes just 15hp, the delivery, ride quality and cornering ability ensure the rider remains engaged.

The 2013 is less of a new model than an update to the existing. The sharp looks remain, but the rideability is further improved by becoming the first 125cc motorcycle to offer the safety of ABS as standard while retaining it's entry level price of €4200.

The Duke 125 isn't available in North America at present, probably due to the fact we don't buy many small bikes. As such, it represents a risk for KTM to release it here. Having now sat on one and felt the quality and spaciousness of the machine, I can confidently say it is us that are missing out. If you can get over your big bike bias, this just might be about the biggest smiles per dollar you can have whilst riding.

Duke 390

There's a 125, there's a 200 and there's a 690 but what do you do if you want something in between? Fret no longer. KTM have announced a 390 duke based around a 375 single cylinder engine making 44hp. This places it squarely in the middle of the 26hp Duke 200 and 68hp Duke 690.

It shares the same frame, ergonomics and just about everything else as the 125/200. While that might sound like a negative point, a quick glance over the 125/200's should dispel any fears you might have: This is a "real" bike in every sense of the word.

Price to market is €4999. No word on US prices yet or indeed availability, but I'd guess maybe around $6999 and probably it will come to these shores.

So, who's going to buy this? In Europe where graduated licensing is the norm it's a perfect step up bike. For those of us in North America, it looks like a great first bike for learners who want that little extra to grow with. It will also appeal to older riders looking for something fun in the city that turns cheap commuting into broad smiles. It's also likely to appeal to female riders with it's 800mm seat height.

Superduke R 1290

There have been more than a few rumours for a while now that KTM is working on a bigger Duke. For some reason, certain segments felt the 990 Superduke R wasn't cutting it. If you fell into that camp, you will not be disappointed with what was revealed today.

For now, the Superduke 1290R is just a concept. But unlike most concepts, this one is acutally fully running as was demonstrated by Gerald Kiska (KTMs chief designer) who fired it up and revved it on stage to great applause.

No specs were revealed, but it's a 1290 V-Twin, likely to make around 150hp. KTM showed a video of the big bike being thrown around a test track like a toy. The amount of rubber laid down suggests new tires will be needed every few hundred KM.

The only disappointment was the availability date: KTM suggested it would be shown here production ready next year. There's also no word on price but early looks suggest this will sell regardless. If you are interested, get your deposit in early.


KTM have also delivered on their promise of bringing a production version of their world championship winning Moto3 bike to market. It's not going to be cheap and it's not going to be road legal, but if you have $54,000 and the burning desire to have the fastest small bike on the track, you're in luck.

There's a few minor tweaks to the actual Moto3 model, but nothing you'd miss. What you do get is a very configurable machine out of the crate - Most of the setup can be changed to suit your riding style. Designed for competition in just about any 250 class, the 250R makes just shy of 50hp from it's 183lb ready to race weight.

It's also a tiny bike with the rear sets mounted part way along the swingarm to provide sufficient room for non-hobbits. Six footers like myself need not apply. I suspect KTM don't expect to sell too many of these but if you're a (rich) youngster, or looking for the next step up from club racing, this is your dream machine.

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