MV Augusta is self proclaimed Italian motorcycle art and the 2013 MV F4 R screams it. The 2013 MV F4 is offered in three models: F4, F4R and F4RR - all delivering about 200 horsepower from the 998cc short-stroke in-line motor. So basically, enough to kill yourself on for only €18.000 or about $22,000 USD.

Jacopo is four years old, his father Riccado is nostalgic about his old bike, sold it in the name of the kids. Now the family is ready for a motorcycle again. Riccardo and brother Niccolo have not deciced what they want, but Jacopo, pictured here, has made up his mind.

A more extensive review of all the MV Agusta 2013 motorcycles is available by selecting "Bikes" in the navigation bar.

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  • JamesL
  • 2012-11-14T03:59:41-05:00

Hehe get 'em addicted early.