Quick: Think of a muscle bike. Chances are you thought of something like the CB750. Before the era of the modern sportsbike, these were the machines that symbolized power and speed. A big (usually inline four cylinder) engine was suspended on a bike that looked barely big enough to hold it

If you, like me, drool over these older bikes, Honda may just have put something together for you. The new CB1100 is designed to invoke that golden age of motorcycling. For a modern bike with an 1100cc air cooled engine, 88hp doesn't sound like a lot but the 93Nm of torque it makes means this bike will pull all day no matter where the needle is on the tacho. Modern touches such as fuel injection and combined ABS will also ensure the rideability is up there with modern machines.

At 248Kg, the weight also evokes a bygone era of motorcycling, but it seems to bear it well and it will be interesting to see how it handles.

We're told there's going to be a very short run of these in Canada - Just 50 will be imported.

We've no word on price yet, but chances are, that's the only thing about this machine that isn't vintage looking.

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  • Kman
  • 2012-11-15T07:20:54-05:00

My first thought when you say muscle bike is the HD VRod. Maybe I'm just not old enough to immediately think CB750! I gotta say though, a 1100cc vintage bike at new bike prices isn't all that appealing. Honda's got to be more creative... build us a CB350 inspired café racer.