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The twisties on this route begin rolling on right off the bat with a zigzagging road up the mountain from Bellano with several hairpins along the way for good measure. Over 86 km (53.4 mi) of twisties to the East make up this spectacular route from Bellano to Bergamo, to be completed in about an hour and a half.

Start in the city of Bellano on the Eastern shore of Lake Como, located 87 km (54 mi) North of Milan. A city of 3,300 people, Bellano is easily accessed from Milan by heading North on SS36. A popular attraction here is the gorge of the Pioverna stream; an area that can be explored on a series of ladders and walkways. The stream is a haven for anglers because of the bounty of European bullhead, brown and rainbow trout living here. For more information on what to see where to eat and sleep in Bellano see: http://commune.bellani.lc.it

Lake Como itself is famous for its multitude spectacular of Lakeside Villas. To read a more about them and to check out a motorcycle route that takes riders around the lake, check out our riding route here:

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Around Lake Como from Milan and back

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From Bellano riders head Southeast to San Giovanni Bianco for 24.6 km (15.3 mi) on SP62. Turn left and go 17.6 km (10.9 mi) on Via Dante Alighieri/IV Novembre/Millano then transfer to SP64. At the intersection of SP64 and 25 ride East on SP25 for 16.6k (10.3 mi). The roads are very twisty and include many hairpins, switchbacks with little to no straight-a-ways. The elevation changes from 211m (692.3ft) in Bellanoupto 1,298 m (4,258.5 ft) then back down to 405 m (1,328.7 ft) in San Giovanni Bianco. You will pass through several smaller communes with the entire route taking 58.7 km (36.5 mi) to complete.

San Giovanni Bianco is a town of 5,100 people located on the River Brembo. There isn't much in the way of attractions in Giovanni, so we suggest you extend your ride another 27.2 km riding South ON SS470 to Bergamo. From 405 m (1,328.7ft) in Giovanni the road rises to 654 m (2,145.7 ft) then gradually drops to 256m (839.9ft) in Bergamo. The roads on SS470 don't make for the most exhilarating riding experience, but at least you won't be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

Bergamo is a metropolis of 480,000 people located 40 km (24.9 mi) Northeast of Milan. Bergamo is divided into two portions with Citta alta (upper city) being a hilltop medieval town surrounded by Venetian walls built in the 17th century. Citta bassa (lower city) is the modern area in Bergamo. The two parts of the city are connected via funicular, roads and foot paths. The city is filled with interesting architecture; those interested should check out: en.wikipedia.org/Bergamo. For more information on what to see, where to eat and sleep in Bergamo see: www.comune.bergamo.it

The ride through SP62, 64 and 25 is a fun ride that includes hairpins, switchbacks and large elevation changes. The ride can be extended on SS470 to Bergamo for a more engaging ride, bringing the total ride to 86 km (53.4 mi) which can be completed in less than 2 hours. If you are in Milan or Bergamo area check out this route and tell us what you think in the comments below. Enjoy the ride. Eat Sleep Ride.

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This whole region is just gorgeous for motorcyle riding. And by region, I mean southern Europe.