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The Honda CRF250R motorcycle ridden by Daniel Craig in the opening sequence of the new Bond flick, Skyfall is being auctioned on eBay in aid of Children In Need.

Donated by Honda UK, the modified CRF250R dual-sport joins the ranks of a variety of items which will be auctioned off during this year's BBC-run auction.

This machine appeared in the opening scene of Skyfall, filmed in Istanbul and Adana, Turkey, earlier this year. Of the two bikes that were featured in the film, a 'police' bike and a 'street merchant's' bike, the latter was ridden by Craig in pursuit of henchman Patrice (Ola Rapace).

Honda assures us that the bike on auction is indeed the one Craig rode, and is what's on the big screen. A fact not lost on bidders it seems as the eBay auctionis currently in the six-figure territory.

The winning bidder will have the bike delivered to their doorstep for free (providing that they live in the UK) and is sure to have some serious bragging rights the next time they join a group ride.

The auction closes at 10:25pm GMT on Thursday November 22.

If you haven't yet, check out our behind-the-scenes sneak-peak at the Skyfall's motorcycle chase scene.

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