Funny man Jay Leno is known to most as the square-jawed comedian from the late night talk show circuit, keen fans however know him better for the wheel man he really is.

With a jaw dropping collection of motorcycles, most of which are rare vintage models, Leno is by far one of the greatest collectors of two wheeled porn of our time.

Motorcycles, cars, trains, and even an antique aircraft engine, Leno's a man who --as he says-- loves all things that roll, explode, and make noise. A love that is evident considering that his current motorcycle collection is very near the one hundred mark.

Mistaking Leno for a glorified collector alone would be a mistake in itself. This man can, and does, ride every single one of the machines he owns; and although he may not be a head-to-toe leather clad track racer, seeing him use suicide shifters and properly understand the mechanics of his rarer, older machines is a reaffirmation of how much he loves motorcycles.

Leno's collection of motorcycles range from seriously old bikes to beautiful vintage machines to some modern marvels to even a jet powered monster motorbike. Since ninety plus bikes would be a bit too many to introduce in one day, we've picked a few of our favourites.

Leno often credits long defunct Vincent as his favourite motorcycle brand. The Black Shadow pictured above is one of a few Vincent's that call his famous garage home.

Vincent's however aren't the only rare old machines Leno owns, here are a few more from the early to mid-1900s.

The Indian Four is the first production motorcycle to feature battery ignition and Leno's model features a 1,300cc engine. He praises the bike for how well it works and its smooth operation at speeds from 5mph to 90mph.

The 1971 Velocette Thruxton was hand-built in Birmingham, England. Leno bought the bike the year it was built just as the family-owned company closed its doors for good. The marque has an incredible racing provenance, and still holds its class record for 24 hours at 100mph.

Old bikes aren't the only motorycles in Leno's garage however. Although the Ducati 900 Super Sport TT below is a fine example of a classic Isle of Man TT race bike replica.

BRP, the Canadian manufacturer of Can-Am trikes presented Jay Leno with production model No. 1 of their all-new (in 2008) Spryder with much media hoopla at his garage in Burbank, California.

It came as no surprise when Triumph decided to present long time Triumph fan and owner of many vintage Triumphs, Leno a brand new Thunderbird when it was first launched in 2010.

To check out more of Leno's motorcycles check out where you'll find regular posts of pictures, articles, and videos of his from his immense collection of all things that roll, explode and make noise.

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  • JamesL
  • 2012-12-03T12:04:18-05:00

Most impressive indeed.