2012-12-03 17:20:34+0000

Everytime the holidays, or any other gift giving reason really, comes along us motorcycle folk feel left out because our non-riding, but well meaning, friends and family never know what to buy the motorcyclist.

No more we say. These are the items that made our 'gifts for motorcycle people' short list this year. So email this on, stick it on the fridge, accidently leave it on the printer... whatever you need to do to get this gift list in to the hands of the people who might buy you gifts this holiday season.

PS3 Move Wheel by Sony

The perfect gift for the gamer who happens to love racing games. The wheel accesory can be used with many Playstation auto racing games then transform into handlebars for motorcycle games. How awesome!


Hard Shell Backpack by Solid Gray

Backpacks are must haves for most bikers. This very stylish pack with all its sharp angles and geometry driven design promises to safely carry and protect rider gadgets through any weather. Mmm... geometry.


Carbon Fiber Money Clip by Pirate Carbon

Don't have enough money for carbon fiber fairings? Get a carbon fibre money clip and let people think you own carbon fibre everything.


Only The Brave Watch by Diesel

We can't stop checking out this spectacular watch. It's sure to look good on anyone's wrist.


ThermaCell Heated Insoles

The perfect companion for long motorcycle rides in the cold. Wireless, rechargeable heated foot insoles. For those of us who live where it gets cold in October, these things promise to keep us riding far longer.

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Heated insoles would have been nice on one of my last rides of the season, wonder how long the batteries last.

  • JamesL
  • 2012-12-03T18:21:43-05:00

I have the PS3 Move Racing wheel, the motorcycle controls are great, I love the twist throttle on the right grip

  • marina
  • 2012-12-03T16:29:14-05:00

The heated insoles look like my kind of stocking stuffer!