2012-12-11 11:41:17+0000

Just found this fascinating insight into the Red Bull Rookies series. It's the first in an 8 part series from Vice that get inside the series and it talks with riders young and old, as well as the organizers about what it takes.

Some of the best quotes are from the parents - when asked about the danger, one parent replies "as long as he gets up and walks away, I'm happy"

It gave me a new appreciation for things: These kids ride eight races in six countries in front of the full GP crowd. They may be riding "merely" 125s and the skill level isn't always there (commentators words, not mine), but the bravery certainly is.

@casasracing - you went to the tryouts - How accurate is this?

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  • Kman
  • 2012-12-14T12:47:32-05:00

What gets me is that Red Bull is in to so many things I find cool, yet I don't care to ever have the drink...