2012-12-19 14:21:31+0000
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Apparently the kickstarter was mainly for show - the piston was 1.7kg and needed to be bump started to get the monster going!

  • Kman
  • 2012-12-19T10:22:39-05:00

Totally appropriate name for a bike that looks like this. The kickstarter is a totally rad way to go on custom bikes, love it

  • marina
  • 2012-12-19T09:42:24-05:00

Yeah this bike is awesome. NSU is the same company that built the Quickly Cavallino (very Italian name for a German bike) built in the 50's, 60's = totally cool looking motorcycle/moped http://esr.cc/URBixJ


This is the NSU bison - a picture I'd seen floating around the Tumblrsphere for a while, and finally discovered the story about it. Originally a 500cc single "thumper", an eccentric engineer from Germany decided to replace the 500cc engine with a 2000cc piston and cylinder from a radial aircraft propeller engine. I haven't found any other stats on it, but it's a straight pipe 3 inch exhaust and a KICKSTART. Dear. Lord. As usual BikeExif has more pics and a great write-up: http://www.bikeexif.com/nsu-motorcycle