2012-12-19 19:06:20+0000

For years I've wondered where this image came from - it conjures up so much good stuff, from the rad vintage threads, helmets, colours and the righteous Indian mini-bike - even the dad coaching his son and the determined look in the little tykes eyes. This is like LIFE magazine for motorcyclists.

So I did a reverse image search on Google and tracked down much of the story behind this, and dozens of other incredible pictures of tykes on mini Indians. The first site is dedicated to the Indian dirt bikes, parts for them and an array of historical material. SO MANY AWESOME PHOTOS HERE I can barely contain the glee. Sad that Indian lost it's way (and maybe has found it again? You be the judge on that one - I don't look good in tassels) but there was obviously so much fun, excitement and passion for riding and racing in this era. Truly inspiring. http://www.indiandirtbikeparts.com/VintageIndianPhotos.html

The second site is all about this one track called Indian Dunes in Southern California. Of course, motorcycling means something completely different in a place where you can ride year round, and this post details the life of this hub of competative motorcycling, frequented by one of the most famous riders of all time, Steve McQueen. http://www.ultimatemotorcycling.com/indian-dunes-california-motocross

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  • alex
  • 2012-12-20T03:36:02-05:00

From the look on their faces, to the massively oversized helmet and the fact the kids is wearing his teenage sister's boots, this is just an awesome picture

  • Kman
  • 2012-12-19T15:45:36-05:00

Not sure about the 'revival' of Indian, but I do so admire looking back at what was..