2012-12-20 20:12:22+0000

Shot over 60 days on the road this summer, this video shows off just how diverse the riding in this great province is. How many of you have ridden in the valley of Highway 11, between the Pijitawabik Pallisades, or done Ontario's Tail of the Dragon, Highway 129 from Thessalon to Chapleau. There's so much to explore - why not plan next summers road trip at www.GoTourOntario.ca - the province's new online trip planner, that gives you downloadable GPX files so you can take your route with you!

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  • JamesL
  • 2012-12-21T09:37:16-05:00

Gorgeous! Ive been to many of these places and it looks even better in person.

  • alex
  • 2012-12-21T06:23:42-05:00

I think I rode highway 11 (or at least part of it) but not the 129 (yet) - Maybe next year. I'd also suggest that if you are closer to Toronto there's some great riding much closer - Deep Bay road near Minden, for example, is great fun (if too short) but is mercifully quiet. Glamorgan road, near Haliburton, which also leads to the 507, is also worth a blast. You can do the lot in a single (longish) day ride from Toronto. Would love to see the rides here, too as I can't upload GPX files to my iPhone...