No idea why they do this in the middle of winter, but better than never I guess.

Firstly, the Street Triple/Daytona 675. Apparently, the regulator can overheat, which leads to non-charging of the battery and which in turn can lead to stalling. Ours actually suffered this exact problem, though I am happy to report stalling was in the vicinity of the house, so it wasn't a real hassle and it was repaired back in early October. Affected bikes are the Daytona, Street Triple and Street Triple R manufactured between 2006 and 2009

Suffice to say, the actual notice just arrived in the mail. Thanks for the prompt notice, Triumph...

Secondly, the S1000RR has also had a recall due to the side stand bolts potentially working loose due to a manufacturing problem, which can lead to the side stand separating from the bike. While not a problem while moving, it can (of course) lead to problems when you've stopped and no-one needs a such a beautiful bike on it's side.

Bikes affected were manufactured between Sept 2011 and Dec 2012.

In both cases, retailers will make good on all repairs at no cost. And if you already had the work done (and were charged) call your local shop. You should get a full refund.

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  • devon
  • 2013-01-04T08:29:31-05:00

While the recall for the Triumphs affect your ride at least you are guaranteed to not look like an amateur for dropping your bike. The marquee would also make the blow that much more disconcerting.