2011-06-24 10:25:34+0000

A friend of mine recently had problems with her ABS. It didn't prevent her riding, but it needed looking at. As she's already out and about, she sent a few emails to various dealers she may be passing. This is one of the replies she got.

** Date:** June 21, 2011 18:37:46 EDT

** Subject:RE: BMW F650**

I am fully booked until July 27th. I am really sorry, but I am going f***ng

crazy here already. I will have to recommend you to the dealer, even though

they suck balls. A dealer in Toronto might be better.

Obviously, I've removed the the email addresses, street address /etc to protect the anonymity. But don't you just love that reply? I can't tell whether to applaud the man for identifying the dealer "sucks balls" (a lot of them do) or decry him for such an unhelpful reply. Either way, we all had a good laugh about it the other day.

I'm also curious if anyone can figure it out from the tone? Maybe this is motorcyclings Soup Nazi? - "No lube for you".

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  • nick303
  • 2011-06-24T06:35:39-04:00

Haha. That's pretty funny! "even though they suck balls" :)