2013-01-04 00:08:12+0000

Here's another great doc on the 2012 TT, Isle of Man TT: A Dangerous Addiction from Al Jazeera:


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  • jampy00
  • 2013-01-22T07:24:10-05:00

Recently watched this video. I feel it provides you one of the most indepth and personal views into a world that only a few see. Brilliant Video, a must watch.

  • marina
  • 2013-01-05T12:34:31-05:00

Wow, surprising to see Al Jazeera coving the isle of Man TT. It is "a private world" alright with 150 lives lost in 100 years it's got to be the most dangerous race ever. Some crazy crash shots in the video! I'd love to go there one day and witness it for myself.