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Between the age of five, when he got his first motorcycle and now, Roland Sands has crafted a spot for himself in history as one of the great American bike builders and style icons.

Many RSD fans don't know much about the man's life though,for example did you know Sands raced professionally for nearly ten years since he was 19? He comes from a family of motorcycle people and methinks it's safe to say bikes are in his DNA.

The breathtakingly beautiful cinematography and hair raising audio in this video by Royal Purple is simply spectacular. Props to them for making it happen.

[Photographs by Royal Purple]

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  • marina
  • 2013-03-19T13:04:31-04:00

"Being on a bike for me is just essential to life. It's the most purest expression of freedom and mobility" - Roland Sands. I like this guy more every time I watch it.