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It's been tough for SX/MX teams lately. Before the start of the season, Jeff Ward Racing failed to keep the funds flowing to go racing with Dean Wilson, the JDR KTM recently announced that it will cease operations at the end of the supercross season (unless it gets a big sponsor to keep going) and now, the Larry Brooks / Jeremy McGrath backed team - L&Mc is finished.

Near the beginning of the season there were rumours of the team's troubles and that they could be winding down, but things kept moving for the team and it seemed as though they just might make it. As of yesterday though, they made it known that they would be closing up shop immediately. This leaves Andrew Short out of a ride only 3 races into the season, but reports are that he has apparently secured himself a spot elsewhere already. Perhaps the seat recently vacated by the retiring Kevin Windham? Would be a good fit and a win-win for all involved.

(Photo by Drew Ruiz)

There isn't much in the way of official details:

(January 24, 2012) - L&Mc Racing, LLC will regrettably cease team racing operations for the 2013 season, immediately, as the result of circumstances beyond the team's control.

L&Mc Racing principals, 7-time Supercross champion Jeremy McGrath and Team Manager, Larry Brooks, as well as their rider Andrew Short, are committed to running a program with the utmost level of professionalism however, recent unforeseen events outside of the team's control have prevented that from occurring.

Larry Brooks and Jeremy McGrath wish their friend and colleague Andrew Short, the best of success in 2013 as he continues on with his career. According to McGrath, ‟We did our best to keep Andrew out on the track but forces out of our control dictated that we conclude the season much earlier than we anticipated or planned. Andrew is a class act and we wish him success throughout the rest of the season and beyond with his new team.” Added Larry Brooks, ‟Andrew has proven himself to be a great rider over the years, and my hope is that 2013 be no different for him.”

Jeremy McGrath and Larry Brooks wish to thank the current L&Mc Racing sponsors, Chaparral, Honda, WPS, Bel Ray, MMI, FMF, ODI, Talon, Dubya, Matrix, and Ironclad for their tireless support, exceptional loyalty and unwavering commitment to the L&Mc Race Team.

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  • nick303
  • 2013-01-30T14:04:04-05:00

I think it's mainly that there just aren't enough outside sponsors bringing money to the sport to make it work. Teams are (mostly) all trying to eat from the same pie of sponsors and it's not enough... unless you have an energy drink company as your title sponsor, in which case you might be ok. The RCH Racing team have been successul in bringing on enough sponsors to make it work, but others are certainly struggling with this. The cost of running a competitive team is certainly not cheap, but nowhere near the cost of say a MotoGP team of course. What often seems to happen is that teams get started by people passionate about the sport and with some money to burn to get a team up and running -- but as time goes on and the big money sponsors don't come onboard, the team owners get (rightfully) to the point where they can't keep throwing money away to keep the team going and they close up shop. It would seem that this is exactly what happened when JWR fell apart before the beginning of the season -- title sponsors didn't come through and the team owner said without them, we don't have the funds to go racing.

  • alex
  • 2013-01-27T07:01:02-05:00

Racing seems to be increasingly hard to fund these days - I'd love to know if it's an inability to attract sponsors, the cost of hardware or both.