Stuck on a motorcycle road without a paddle? This limited edition sidecar motorcycle is named after the Yamal Peninsula and the Russian icebreaker ship that traverses it. The Ural Yamal has a 749 cc flat-twin engine, comes with a sidecar that carries a spare tire and most importantly a paddle. Why add a paddle to a motorcycle? The paddle carries survival instructions as follows:

‟In case of emergency:

If you are reading this then you have wandered out too far, and the ice didn't hold - we're very sorry. In an effort to make it back alive, you may want to follow these survival tips:

  • Abandon all hope - it will help you focus
  • Detach sidecar, jump in, and then paddle like heck
  • Rescue your dog - they're better at finding their way home than you are
  • Should you find yourself sinking, use your seat cushion as a flotation device


Ural cannot be held responsible for global warming

Water damage not covered under warranty

This vehicle is not a boat, nor is the paddle or any part of the motorcycle intended to be used as a flotation device.

Survival may depend on other factors. Your wife was right, who goes fishing in winter?”

The 50-bike production run went on sale in December and sold out quickly in only 7 days.

Photo credit: Ural

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