2013-02-01 12:56:11+0000 - Utah, United States of America
  • Distance:
  • 5.21km / 3.24 mi
  • Duration:
  • 10:20

If not for the awesome view atop a massive mesa, the Moki Dugway might otherwise be just another gravel road.

But the fact that it's a 3-mile dirt segment of paved highway, that twists and winds its way down a 1,100 foot drop along the side of a cliff, has made for some interesting stories among street bike riders.

What originally started out as a road for trucks hauling uranium ore from Mexican Hat, UT to Fry Creek, is now largely a destination for motorcycle riders wanting to see what all the hype is about. Having been rated among the most frightening roads to ride in the United States, it draws tens of thousands of riders each year.

Start your route from the north, so that you'll descend down the Moki Dugway, getting the most of your thrills.

I rode this in April 2009, after having camped overnight at Natural Bridges National Monument. My goal for that day was to ride into Arizona and camp at Grand Canyon Caverns, with a lunch stop at Mexican Hat.

Assuming you're doing a long motorcycle trip, I'd recommend coming south from State Route 95 through Glen Canyon National Recreation Area to enjoy spectacular views of red rock formations and glimpses of Lake Powell. Once completing the Moki Dugway, continue south to Mexican Hat for a roast beef sandwich on Indian fry bread at Old Bridge Grille, a cafe located inside San Juan Inn.

From there, head south along US 163 into Monument Valley Navajo Tribal Park for awesome views of ancient rock formations.

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