Over the next couple of weeks I will be posting Photos about my 1981 Honda Z50R that me and my brother are rebuilding in to a "little 125cc monster". Today I will just be showing the stock 50 cc engine and then the new 125 cc placement.

Some of you may ask how I even got a hold of such an old little motorcycle in the first place. Twenty years ago my grandfather received the Z50R as payment for a favour. There's a few dings in the feul tank and everything needs to be repainted (all of wich will be fixed and done). Everything on this bike is completely factory original, right down to the tires.

I won't lie though, they are just aweful. The sidewalls are as cracked as elephant skin but dont forget they are 32 years old. I think the hardest part of this project is going to be finding parts. We found the engine online pretty easily and for only $130.00.

The next thing to do is grab new tires immediatley, new clutch, wiring kits and brake lines. The Z50R (stock) is a 3 speed semi-automatic placement. After The Project is completed, the motorycle will be a 4 speed manual, which is why we need to find the clutch online.

When an engine is purchased online there's not much you can do in the quality assurance department as photos are your main source of reference. When we received the engine we took it apart and figured out that it needed new gaskets, but that was not much of an issue as we were going to do that anyway. We really just wanted to check the condition of the piston.

Total cost of project and labour to date: $130.00 for Lifan chinese Honda clone motor. $8.96 on a new gasket set. Two hours of labour in total. It is a fairly simple engine and only takes 20 minutes to mount.

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