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Creator Oryx Chen has built a functional scaled replica of a Honda REPSOL CBR1000RR in LEGO. He chose the REPSOL because it's one of the most famous MotoGP bikes and has a highly recognizable colour scheme. The LEGO Bike was built with over 900 pieces and took 2 years of trial and error to make this masterpiece.

The creator claims the bike possesses all the features of LEGO Technic. It's an advanced LEGO building system with special pieces, such as gears, axles, pins, beams and pneumatic pieces and electric motors. Since the LEGO motorcycle is functional, its rear wheel and chain are geared to the engine, the fork and wheels turn and both front and rear suspension work. There's even a compartment under the seat, just like the real one. However the creator admitted that there wasn't enough space to add more functions, like the clutch, the transmission system and an exhaust pipe.

Every single one of this 900 piece LEGO project is built using an actual piece of LEGO. Perhaps the folks at LEGO should watch this creation because we can image a number of motorcycle addicts would love to have a scale semi- functioning model of the Honda REPSOL CBR1000RR.

As of writing, the Repsol Honda has 410 supporters on LEGO's CUSCOO site. The site offers LEGO creators a chance to have their pieces manufactured. Projects with 10,000 supporters are reviewed by LEGO for a chance to become an official LEGO product. It's a stretch, but we love it.

To add your support on the LEGO bike see: http://lego.cuusoo.com/ideas/view/30154#

For more information and pictures of the LEGO bike see: http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/344963

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