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Maryhill Loops Road is a private, rentable road near Goldendale, Washington not far from Lewis and Clark Highway (Route 14), just east of U.S. 97. Drive safely - there are no speed limits here. It's arguably one of the best and most technical motorcycle roads in the United States.

Maryhill Loops Road cuts through the Columbia River Gorge in 2.8 miles of hairpins conjuring up images of an incredible alpine road. Once you reach the top, there's twenty-four twisties to look forward to on the way back down. The Loops is a popular road rented by motorcycle and car drivers' groups, and hosts the Festival of Speed, the premier national longboarding competition held annually July 4th weekend.

Samuel Hill, founder of Maryhill Museum of Art, built the passage to connect the Colombia River to the town of Goldendale and on to Canada. Hill was a pioneer in the development of road surfaces and dedicated to building a national highway system. We love Hill's credo: ‟Good roads are not my hobby, they are my religion.”

The road itself is steep, with an elevation drop of 850 ft (259 m) complete with a number of tortuous curves, switchbacks and drop-offs.

If you go, you should know that The Loops is closed to public vehicles but open all year round for pedestrians and skateboarders. For 10 - 15 vehicles, the road can be rented for $375 per three hours. For more, you'll need to spend $1,000 per day plus demonstrate adequate group riding insurance.

There are no facilities in here - it's 5 miles from the closest town, so bring your provisions and one of those potty shovels because you won't find a toilette on site!

  • Plan to improve your riding skills: take this opportunity to bring your motorcycle skills up a notch; practice cornering, braking, throttle control
  • Wear proper gear: you may come off your bike so be ready, it's also a good idea to bring a spare helmet
  • Do your prep, don't wing it: there are some incredible tertiary roads in and out of the area you should not miss; get your bearings, familiarize yourself with the nearest town and bring your first aid kit
  • Get your maintenance check up before you go: Most bikes need maintenance every 4,000 miles or so - get it done before you need it and bring a spare chain and sprocket
  • Have a tire plan: Motorcycle tires need changing ten times as often as car tires; you can arrange to have your tires on hand somewhere close by should you need them

Prefer to get to The Loops on an organized motorcycle rally?

Sound Rider put's on a rally every year which includes Maryhill Loops Road. The Sportbike Northwest is a five day sport bike rally in the Columbia River Gorge held every summer. For more info on the Sportbike Northwest Rally see:  [http://www.soundrider.com/sbnw/default.aspx](http://www.soundrider.com/sbnw/default.aspx)

For more information on Maryhill Loops Road see:http://www.maryhillmuseum.org/Visit/Do/loops.html

Enjoy the ride, Eat Sleep RIDE!

Also in the area

Built by the same Samuel Hill, Maryhill Stonehenge is a full-size, Summer Solstice aligned replica of Stonehenge. Completed in 1929, the replica also stands as a memorial for WWI, WWII, Korea and Vietnam Wars.

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Looks awesome, but is it exclusive rental? Sounds like an excuse for a road trip...