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I bought the Tiger as a serious touring machine, and you can't have a touring machine without cases. As such, I picked up the Tiger OEM panniers a couple of years ago and wanted to share my thoughts with you.

Firstly, the positives: They are pretty sturdy. The bike has been on it's side and apart from a few scratches and discoloration, the ABS has held up well. They're also excellent in the wet. I've ridden in a lot of rain and have no fear of putting my computer in them as they have never leaked.

Now the downside. Interior construction isn't that great. The cords which as supposed to keep the lids from flying completely open are alll broken. I could fix them I'm sure but why do I have to? It seems the cord, which was looped around has slipped it's fastner. As it's crimped, there's no way to put it back.

Opening and closing is a bit of a pain. You need to have the key in and the lock turned to easily open and close them, which can be a bit of a balancing act as you sometimes need three hands. The latching mechanism also isn't that great and in my case, the pin which holds the retaining mechanism has become detached. As such, it's tricky to get them to line up. This resulted in the lid not being quite closed on my recent run through Quebec and the pannier flying open as I rode through Montreal on highway 40 - though this was 200Km into my trip and despite the pannier apparently being "locked". Luckily, it was just clothing, which for the most part was inside a stuff sack. Sadly, my five-year old Alpine Stars GP gautnlets were in there and were lost.

Overall, I can't say I am impressed. They're tough enough for every day use and do offer great reliability but the problems I've had suggest there should be better alternatives.

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  • Max
  • 2011-12-16T08:27:36-05:00

I have an 05 Sprint that came with the factory bags, and I agree with the review. While I have not had them fly open, I did take them with me to a track day (I rode to a friend's house, removed the bags and put them in the trailer) and forgot to bring the key with me. I was able to pry the bag open and retrieve my GoPro to get some video. I picked up a used Givi tail bag that is much more functional.

  • nick303
  • 2011-06-29T12:14:06-04:00

Definitely cause for concern having them spill their contents on the highway! Not good.