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  • Make:
  • Indian
  • Model:
  • 101 Scout
  • Year:

Vintage Indians are restored by Buck's Indian Motorcycles in West Virginia USA. These 3 Scouts are great examples of the fine work that is being done at Buck's, see more of their work here.

Photo credit: Buck's Indian Motorcycles

The Indian 101 Scout was produced from 1928 to 1931, it was ahead of its time, differing from the other bikes of the era. It used front brakes, stiff frames, superior front suspension and low 26 inch (660 mm) seat heights. Despite the short production run and the fact that not many 101 Scouts survived to this day, there's an online club that has over 400 members. For more information on the Indian 101 Scout club check out their website,they offer help and advice and even collaborate on finding suppliers for spare parts.

Despite its popularity the bike ceased production after the Great Depression. Today Indian Scouts are still raced at vintage flat track events and can commonly be seen at carnival sideshows on the 'Wall of Death'.

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