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At A Glance
No traffic lights. No movie theaters. No high school. No bank. No doctors or dentists. Welcome to Alpine County, population 1200. But who needs the basics when you've got the greatest luxury of all? Northern California's DH1, tucked away between Hwy 395 and the tiny county seat of Markleeville, is all any motorcyclist needs. Tied for tops in Twistiness. Top quarter percentile in Pavement. Ranked number three for Remoteness. And with the high, lingering views from the barren sagelands of Monitor Pass east to the peaks across Nevada's Antelope Valley and south over the forested belts to the mountains of the Carson Iceberg Wilderness, it rates first in Northern California for Scenery. The only reason it falls to 21st for Character is because it's over so fast. The Engineering, while appearing average, is outstanding when you consider that even though this road rises and falls steeply in its twisting climb over the pass, you can accelerate confidently through the curves whether you're going up or down. The only exceptions to this are some of the curves on the spectacular climb above the Antelope Valley off Hwy 395 and a few in the rocky canyon east of the Hwy 4 junction. You might be left wondering, though -- if this county has no tax base, where does it get its money? Ask the county sheriff.

TIRES (Total Integrated Road Evaluation System)

Twistiness 30.0/30
Pavement 17.6/20

Engineering 5.4/10
Remoteness 9.6/10

Scenery 13.8/15
Character 10.6/15

** TOTAL 87.0/100

(87.0 is the highest ranking among NorCal's 74 DHs , so this is DH1)


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Bugs are for that realistic touch. Sometimes you can see their little wings flapping. It ain't pretty but then, it is research video

The cameras have Sony guts apparently and record onto digital Sony clamshell Hi8 mini-VCRs which take two batteryless (always the key)Sony condenser microphones (which we chew up a fair number of at $200 a pop.)

  • alex
  • 2011-07-12T09:01:11-04:00

i particularly liked the bugs on the lens. Some of the sideways glances are a little disorienting.

What did you use to record the footage? Never come across Research Video.


It's especially nice when the VFR enters the VTEC zone. Bike audio is captured on research video's track 2. Beats my yapping away on track 1... ;-)

  • marina
  • 2011-07-11T07:18:53-04:00

Love that you captured the sounds of the motorcycle in the video. I'll pass it on to http://eatsleepride.com/jordan-sandra who are making their way to Argentina from Calgary on two BMW's