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CRASHLIGHT® is a new safety technology developed specifically for motorcycle riders. In the event of a crash,CRASHLIGHT lets you choose your safety team. With no additional devices required, the technology leverages features available in the smart phone to automatically detect a motorcycle crash.

When a crash is detected, it will immediately send notifications to three (3) pre-set contacts with the rider's last known geographical location by SMS text message, automated phone call and email. It's available as an in-app purchase through the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app.

How does it work?

CRASHLIGHT uses the accelerometer, gyroscope and GPS technology in the smartphone, combined with a software algorithm to detect a crash. If a crash is detected, and you continue riding, the system will self-cancel. The technology notifies pre-set contacts with your location and emergency information. If you're injured, your contacts can dispatch the most appropriate emergency services to you. You choose your safety team.

Is there a specific place I need to keep the device when riding for CRASHLIGHT to be effective?

Yes, it's best to keep the device in a breast pocket while riding because in the event of a crash, a rider can separate from the bike. Your device can also be carried in a tank bag or in a pannier.

You can also mount your device on the handlebars of your motorcycle, however depending on your bike, vibration 'noise' may affect the sensors and cause a false detection. Be sure to testCRASHLIGHT by simply riding normally and listening/watching for a false detection.

Will CrashLight be activated if I drop my phone?

No. Absolutely not. The CRASHLIGHT algorithm listens for a complex sequence of events in order to detect a crash. The multi-signal algorithm means CRASHLIGHT will not be activated if the rider drops the device or comes to a hard stop. Although a false detection may occur, the possibility is very low.

Can I cancel the CRASHLIGHT notification if I'm OK?

Yes. Once activated, you have three-minutes to cancel the CRASHLIGHT notification. If CRASHLIGHT is not cancelled at the end of 180 seconds, the rider's contacts are notified via phone call, SMS and email with the riders last known GPS coordinates. Those notified can immediately take action.

Is my location kept private in the event of an emergency notification?

Yes. Only those you choose to be notified will see your last known location. Contacts notified by phone will need to enter their phone number to view your location on the map. Your data is kept strictly private to them. Your location can only be viewed and shared by your pre-set contacts.


Yes. Once you've purchased CRASHLIGHT, test notifications can be sent to your contacts. You can change your CRASHLIGHT contacts at anytime, as many times as you'd like.

What devices can CRASHLIGHT run on?

CRASHLIGHT is available for iOS and Android devices. You can run the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle GPS app on an iPhone or an iPad provisioned with a cellular and data plan.

How is CRASHLIGHT tested?

We've worked with public sector scientists from the University of Toronto and private sector crash scientists who authored the Hurt Report, the most comprehensive motorcycle safety study of the 20th century. Using algorithmic science and real world testing we've map normal motorcycle riding against typical single vehicle, multi-vehicle, low-side and high-side motorcycle crashes. We continually conduct both simulated and actual crash tests to verify the crash detection technology.

When riding outside of my coverage area, am I charged long distance fees by my carrier for CRASHLIGHT notifications?

No. There are no additional fees charged by your carrier for CRASHLIGHT notifications. However, when roaming, you are responsible for your standard cellular and data network roaming fees.

What happens when I ride out of cellphone range?

CRASHLIGHT requires an active cellular and data network and a reliable GPS signal to work effectively. When a smartphone is connected to a cellular and data network,CRASHLIGHT will make calls and send messages on behalf of the rider. If the mobile device can't connect to a cellular and data network, it can not.

However, when CRASHLIGHT is activated in a weak coverage area, it is designed to automatically repeat connection attempts until notifications are sent successfully.

Why is there an annual subscription cost?

The CRASHLIGHT technology sends emergency information to your contacts via SMS, voice call and email in any country across any boarder. CrashLight notifications must be queued and sent through a network provider to guarantee delivery.

Every time a notification is sent, be it a test or a real notification, a cost is incurred by EatSleepRIDE. To make the service available and to sustain development, we charge a minimal annual fee. We've worked very hard to keep costs down and to make the CRASHLIGHT service affordable for everyone.

Is the CRASHLIGHT subscription automatically renewed at the end of the year?

Not for iOS. CRASHLIGHT will NOT automatically renew on the iOS platform. After 12 months, CRASHLIGHT will ask permission to subscribe to an additional year. On Android, the subscription will auto-renew. You can stop or change the auto-renewal by logging into your Play Store account.

How was CRASHLIGHT developed?

The EatSleepRIDE team worked very closely with a group of University of Toronto mechanical and physical engineers and esteemed government and private sector crash scene scientists to develop the crash detection technology.

As part of the ongoing development of the technology, we work with hundreds of riders in more than 10 countries to extensively map normal motorcycle riding against all types of motorcycle cashes including single vehicle, low-side and high-side as well as multi-vehicle crashes to create the sophisticated crash detection software.

Authors of the most influential and comprehensive motorcycle crash study of the 20th century, the Hurt Report, where consulted.

How was EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles for mobile and CRASHLIGHT made possible?

This project was made possible in part by the Canadian Media Fund and the multitude of beta testers and friends who ride. We'd like to thank everyone for their invaluable support.

We built CRASHLIGHT so when you need help, you are not alone. Riding a motorcycle is knowing you're alive. Make it count.


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@kwitaker CRASHLIGHT is working strong on both iOS and Android platforms. 


so i know it says android is not compatible but it will let you buy the app for 14.99 and i wanted to know if it was working now?

  • devon
  • 2015-03-27T07:32:16-04:00

The family is really happy with CrashLight®. The three-minute timer is great but I'd like to change it to one-minute, I've not had any false positives yet. Thanks ESR.


Love it, amazing. You guys rock. Keep it coming.