2011-07-13 18:00:00+0000

We're looking for a few good DH riders who want to beta test our DH NorCal iPhone/iPad app on the ground in Northern California.

Preference given to:
1) Steve Jobs

2) seasoned DH riders/iGeeks who already own & use all three of our current books/Companion Maps and can correctly answer the skill-testing, two-part question in 3) below.

3) seasoned DH riders/iGeeks who already own & use our DH NorCal book/Companion Map and can correctly answer this skill-testing, two-part question:

DH74 has a TE written with a Scottish accent.

a) What do we have the length of this TE at in mi / km?

b) What alphanumeric Companion Map reference would locate it on the CM?

4) senior IT/smartphone tech execs/gurus/grunts who ride.

Bonus Points
Awarded to applicants who haven't asked us when DH SoCal is out.

Even more bonus points awarded to applicants who haven't asked us the same thing about DHOR.

Apply to betaNCA@destinationhighways.co%u200Bm with qualifications/bribes/flatteri%u200Bng comments and the time you have available to test ride the app in NorCal. We're talking about you, James D. H, the rider with the perfect middle initial, last name combination, as soon as you get your ass back from Europe.

And if you don't qualify under preferences 1 through 4 above (or even if you do) please spread the word to anyone else you know who would qualify.

If you haven't already signed up to be notified on app news/release

date, you can do so here: http://www.destinationhighways%u200B.com/GPSsurvey.htm


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Nick, just gotta move your NorCal fly 'n ride schedule up... ;-) With the book/map/app you'd be all set!

  • nick303
  • 2011-07-13T17:12:55-04:00

I am all over this!!! Except... I live in Ontario, so it'd be a bit of a ride to get to the NorCal routes, so I guess I'll disqualify myself :) Looking forward to checking out the app anyhow though!