2016-10-29 21:53:24+0000 - New York, United States
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this is my 3rd chain lube, I've used motul chain lube and chain paste, not too impressed, still some fling of lube splash on the wheels and after a week the chain looks full of gunk and dirt.

after read some reviews online i decided to try my hands on the chain wax this time and see how it goes, initial impression is good, wax dried off quickly and looks like a thin white films sit on the surface after dry.

rode 5 blocks after letting the chain dried up for couple hours, no signs of splash of wax on my wheels and swingarm, haven't really see any dirt as well but will find out after a week riding to work.

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  • Edidas
  • 2016-10-29T19:16:25-04:00

@anovax1 how is it?

  • anovax1
  • 2016-10-29T19:14:08-04:00

Try Bel Ray.