2011-07-15 16:14:01+0000

I must say, as a Rossi fan it is a bit disheartening watching him struggle with the Ducati this season. I wasn't expecting any "switch to Yamaha and start winning right away" miracles, but he is the Doctor... and well, we've just gotten used to him being so much more competitive than he's been so far this season.

So, what does it look like from the perspective of another rider on the grid? Dovi had this to say...

"I rode behind Rossi in the warm up in Mugello. I think is the first time he loses the feeling on the bike. If you see the riders in the practice, if he didn't go fast, and in the race better, but not with a good result, is because you have no feeling with the bike," said Dovizioso.

"When you have the mentality of the race, you start and race, you can do the best. But if you are slow in the practice it is because you don't know what you need to know, so you lose the feeling. Is the first time I see Valentino like this, so this means that he's like another rider with nine titles. He is like every rider, but with nine titles."

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