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Normal EatSleepRide reviews cover motorcycles, riding apparel and go fast goodies. This brief review is for a light fixture. Well actually light bulbs.

About ninety percent of the EatSleepRide readers will have at least one four foot long/two bulb/florescent fixtures in their garage, storage shed, walk in basement or wherever you keep your motorcycle. I have three of these fixtures hanging from the ceiling in my garage. These light fixtures provide lots of light, are easy to install and are inexpensive.

The big plant where I work has about a thousand of these florescent light fixtures. Recently, the management had all of these light fixtures converted to use LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs. Electricians spent a week in the building converting each individual fixture to use LED bulbs. When they were done, the light level improvement was noticeable. The energy savings was immediate and impressive as well according to our Maintenance guys.

When I asked the Electricians how to do the conversion, I was told “the fixture needs to be rewired” to get rid of the Ballast Resistor. So much for an easy conversion.

During a visit to my local Canadian Tire store, I went looking for a T8 type florescent light bulb for one of the 4 ft/two bulb/florescent fixtures in my garage. There on the shelf was a FEIT ELECTRIC brand light bulb. This bulb is a LED type direct replacement bulb for my fixture. The bulb replaces a standard florescent bulb but requires no rewiring of the fixture. A true ‘plug and play’ bulb. Anyone can do it in about 5 minutes. Kill the power, take out the old bulbs, replace with FEIT ELECTRIC brand LED light bulbs, turn on the power and be prepared to be impressed.

The LED bulbs from FEIT ELECTRIC has a life of 50,000 hours, uses only 17 watts of energy and gives ad nice white light. Price for two bulbs with tax is around $60-$70.

Checking around I found that other places like Loews, Home Depot and TSC stores all carry the new LED bulbs.

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