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Over the last decade Revzilla has become a household name for motorcycle enthusiasts. The company was started by two guys working out of their Philadelphia apartment. Despite their inexperience, the pair have risen to the top of the industry by maintaining positive customer relations and a stellar work environment. One of the two founders, Anthony "Bucczilla" Bucci, has been the company's CEO since its inception. If you're like me, you've collectively spent hours watching gear reviews and hearing Anthony give a rundown of whatever product he's showcasing.

Despite the success of the company, it was just officially announced that as of January 13th, 2017, Anthony Bucci will be stepping down from his position as CEO at the moto-gear sales powerhouse and a temporary CEO will take over until an appropriate candidate for replacement can be found. Bucci will remain at Revzilla and continue to be the face of the company and will keep "starring" in gear review videos, but will be changing his leadership role.

Revzilla didn't outright state the circumstances leading to the decision, it seems that the company's success and rapid growth has turned it into an entity that necessitates experienced executive leadership beyond Bucczilla's skill set. This is by no means to say Anthony isn't an incredibly sharp and likable guy, but a wise man knows his own limitations and it's clear Anthony knows there are people more fit to run such a large company. The new CEO will likely come from a more corporate executive background, it's doubtful that Revzilla will change its laid back and fun culture.

While the change may seem jarring, it will likely give Anthony more freedom to pursue new avenues, and will ultimately lead to another chapter in his success story. Over the years he has donated tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars to charities and is responsible for creating a work environment ranked one of the best places to work in Philly. He was the keynote speaker for Drexel University's 2016 graduation ceremony, demonstrating how he has become a local pillar of his community. Through everything, he still maintains a passion for riding, with one of the most eclectic stables of motorcycles I've ever seen with everything from Harley's to race replicas. This decision will likely give Anthony more free time to ride and do whatever else he wants to in his spare time. He will no longer be CEO but Anthony Bucczilla will remain an integral part of Revzilla, and the motorcycle community.

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  • Edidas
  • 2017-01-08T10:00:18-05:00

Anthony is the face of revzilla, love his honest reviews on gears and the feedbacks from the customers shows. even their price isn't always the cheapest but their customer service work had made up for it (revzilla cash and lighting fast respond and shipping)

  • Flaco
  • 2017-01-07T16:54:11-05:00

Kudos for your excellency...!! Best shopping site for all your needs!


Rev to me is the google of the motorcycle world and i hope that doesn't change. You guys rock.


bummer :/

  • anovax1
  • 2016-12-21T06:30:23-05:00

I have never cared for Cycle Gear. They never have the better brands stocked at stores, just their store brands.


@anovax1 the company that bought Revzilla recently bought CycleGear. I imagine because Revzilla is so big that it has to be treated more like a corporate entity and therefor requires an experienced CEO, not a random small business owner who found himself in what's essentially an executive leadership position. I'm sure he's still gonna play a big role there.

  • anovax1
  • 2016-12-20T18:14:40-05:00

I check out the videos on Revzilla for information all the time. Great company. Maybe he just wants to ride more!!