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Metzeler is a German tire company dating back to 1863. Although it is now owned by Pirelli, it still has an identity, brand and product that's very much its own. Part of that is the annual calendar Metzeler releases a week or two before the new year. Traditionally Metzeler's annual calendar featured roadracing stars such as Guy Martin or Giacomo Agostini, never stepping far outside of the industry's marketing norm. However for this year's calendar Metzeler has gone in an interesting direction with an calendar consisting of all female riders from across the world.


Although only roughly 14% of riders are female, according to a 2014 study done by the motorcycle industry council, it is a figure which has risen more than 50% in the last decade. For this reason Metzeler decided to celebrate this growing popularity by showcasing talented female riders from a myriad of different riding disciplines - from racing to ADV to stunt riding. It appears Metzeler went out of their way to feature women to represent as many countries and regions as possible from across the globe, and there didn't seem to be a problem finding skilled woman who ride since multiple riders often share a month of this year's calendar.


This is not simply a passing supportive gesture from Metzeler to the female riding community, but an entire campaign from the German tire manufacturer to support and encourage more woman to get involved in riding titled "Natural Born Lady Rider". The launch of the campaign was last November and was kicked off with a 48-hour film screening of movies focused on female riding. The company's goal is to bring more woman into the riding community and to help that 14% continue to grow, hopefully at an exponential rate.

It's a noticeable change to see woman used in motorcycle marketing who are fully clothed and being showcased for their riding abilities. The calendar is beautifully shot and the graphic design and layout of each page was well executed well. On the whole, the calendar looks great. You can see it on the Metzeler's website Here.

Lastly, I'd like to think the name "Natural Born Lady Rider" sounds a lot better in German, and something was sort of lost in translation, but the title doesn't take away from the calendar itself.

All photos courtesy of Metzeler tires.

For more information on the company, their tires or the calendar, visit their website which is linked above.

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