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If you're like me, one of your favorite hobbies is customizing your ride. It's extremely satisfying to finish a mod then stand back and admire your work, knowing that you've taken one more step in making this ride YOURS.

There are projects that are simply cosmetic eye-candy and those that are essential to your riding experience. Replacing my horn was the latter.

My first ride was a scooter. I feel comfortable claiming that because this 150cc puppy was chromed to the gills and could handle 50mph comfortably. Obviously, the horn sounded like someone ran over a mouse on a scooter, but that's to be expected! Around a year later I purchased my first true motorcycle, an old CB550. Truly loved that machine, but same problem, the horn was about as useless as reverse lights on a motoGP bike. After doing a few cafe racer mods to her, I stumbled upon a deal for my dream bike that I'd of been crazy to turn down. Enter my current beauty, a 2006 Triumph Rocket III. What a beast! Surely, the OEM horn would complement such a stocky machine! Oh, nah nah...I felt like one of Louis L'amour's famous Sackett characters who just hit puberty. Big and burly, intimidating at first sight...then I open my mouth!

Why oh why, I cried! You'd think manufacturers would take such an important safety feature seriously. We might as well plea for mandatory self-cancelling turn signals for all the good it would do us.

This is where Stebel comes to the rescue! Their Nautilus Air Horn does not disappoint, at least when it comes to sound. The first time I heard this horn on my bike I almost fell over! The Youtube vids out there don't do the volume justice. It's LOUD! The wiring was quick and easy, the horn itself looks pretty cool and comes in 4 color options that I'm aware of (I got the chrome). The only drawback I could find was the lack of mounting options. I tried two different spots on my bike before I found the perfect fit (left side and low, bolted to rad grill).

Do yourself a favor and upgrade your horn to the Nautilus, you won't regret it!

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@johnnyrocketIII Great tip.