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MotoGP Stars as Kids; Can You Tell Who's Who?

The next generation of MotoGP world champions have all already been born. At the moment they're sharpening their skills on dirt tracks and in mini-moto. A very small number of the fastest of these kids will eventually go on to win the respect and admiration of millions.

Like them, all of today's greatest riders' careers rose rising through these same ranks, and lucky for us there's enough photographic documentation to get a glimpse of what today's fastest riders looked like as kids.

Can you identify today's racing superstars before they were won their titles?

Big thanks to the folks over at the DaiDeGas.IT Forum for making many of these photos readily available

(Anwser key is at the bottom)

Anwser Sheet

Photo 1: Casey Stoner

Photo 2: Casey Stoner & Dani Pedrosa

Photo 3: Casey Stoner

Photo 4: Valentino Rossi

Photo 5: Jorge Lorenzo

Photo 6: Valentino Rossi

Photo 7: Casey Stoner

Photo 8: Marc Marquez

Photo 9: Jorge Lorenzo

Photo 10: Valentino Rossi

Photo 11: Marc (& Alex) Marquez

Photo 12: Casey Stoner

Photo 13: Jorge Lorenzo

Photo 14: Casey Stoner

Photo 15: Marc Marquez

Photo 16: Valentino Rossi

How'd you do?

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