Just saw this on engadget. Can't say the styling is going to set the world on fire. Nor is the tank range that awesome. But the biggest problem I see? Or rather hear? Electric = no noise. The loud pipes crowd will hate it.

Maybe there is a market for downloadable pipetones? maybe even switchable ones, rigged to a speaker. You could have nice, sedate sounds for round town and unbaffled V-Twin fury for the open highways.


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  • nick303
  • 2011-07-18T10:59:45-04:00

I think the whole culture around cruisers and related customs makes it unlikely that electrics will replace their ICE counterparts. I'm not a part of that crowd and even to me it just seems wrong! The bikes have gotta sound right, smell right, have the right amount of oil leaking out of them and have a link to the heritage of these bikes. I wonder... what would happen if Harley-Davidson released an all-electric motorcycle?