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The H-D® 100 Challenge is up and running!

We've created a collection of frequently asked questions to help you play and win. If you need help or have questions contact us in-app by tapping Me > Settings > Get Support.

The Details

Celebrate 100 years of Harley-Davidson® in Canada. Play for a chance to at 500 secondary prize packs and the Grand Prize Harley-Davidson® Street Glide® Special with 100th Anniversary Limited Edition paint kit valued at $28,000 CAN.

There’s no purchase necessary but you need to be a Canadian resident with a valid motorcycle license to win. Download the EatSleepRIDE® Motorcycle GPS app free in the App Store and Google Play and refer to the official Rules & Regulations for details. Contest ends July 29th, 2017.

Is the H-D 100 Challenge open to Canadian residents only?

Yes. You must to be a resident of Canada to play. However, when we launch Challenges in May 2017, you'll be able to ride anywhere in the world to collect points.

How many Challenges are there?

In January, we launched two Challenges to give riders a head-start collecting points at the MMIC Motorcycle Shows and at all Harley-Davidson® dealerships across Canada.

In May of 2017, get ready for the next round of Challenges including:

Dealership Challenges,

Taking the Test Our Metal™ Challenge,

Riding Iconic Routes across Canada,

Taking Open Ride Challenges, and

Stopping at Points of Interest.

Do I get points for singing up?

Nope. Collect points by dropping by a Harley-Davidson dealership across Canada.

I updated to the latest version of the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycle app (ESR app) but I don't see my points.

Log in to the ESR app and turn Bluetooth and Push Notifications ‘ON’ to collect points! If that doesn't do it, check the App Store and Google Play to be sure you have the latest version of the app running. We're making updates weekly.

Why do I need Bluetooth turned ON?

The ESR app uses Bluetooth beacon technology to enable game play and points collection. Connect to a beacon to say "I'm here! Give me points.”

Why do I need Push Notifications turned ON?

When you enter a game area and connect to a Bluetooth beacon, we use Push Notifications to notify you that you have points.

Opening the Push Notification validates your eligibility and triggers the points popup. Tap OK to collect points and you should see your points total and ranking update.

Bluetooth and Push Notifications are turned 'ON' but I don't see my points.

To play, you need to Join the Challenge and accept the terms by tapping the Challenges tab at the in the bottom navigation bar. We can't know you're in the game if you're not in the game!

I received a notification but when I opened it nothing happened.

You’ll need to be in the proximity of the ESR beacon to see the Points Pop-up and collect points. Say you receive a Push Notification at the Dealership but you only get around to opening the Push Notification at home, points won't be collected. Sorry.

I'm at the Dealership for the first time but I can't collect points my first 50 points.

Are you logged in, have Bluetooth and Push Notifications turned ‘ON’? Then it could be you're having trouble connecting to the beacon. The ESR beacon may be more than 25 feet away from you. Check at the Dealership information area to learn where the H-D 100 Challenge beacon is located.

It's my second time at the Dealership but can't collect my 40 points.

The rule is that your second or subsequent visit to the dealership, can’t be earlier than 7 days to collect your points. The 7-day period window is to the minute. For example, if you last collected points on Thursday at 4:24pm, you'll need to come in the following Thursday at 4:25pm to collect more points.

Your first visit gives you 50 points, second 40 points, third 30 points and 4th, 20 points and fifth and adds 10 more points to your tally.

Why do Dealership Challenge points depreciate for every visit?

In the interest of fairness, we created this rule to ensure people who lived close to a dealership or passed a dealership every day on their commute didn't benefit from an unfair advantage.

How do I play?

Download the EatSleepRIDE app free in the App Store or Google Play. Sign up and go to the Challenges tab and accept the Challenge!

New H-D®100 Challeges are live! How to Play / Comment jouer

New H-D®100 Challeges are live! How to Play / Comment jouer

It doesn't matter what you ride. Every road you take is a chance to win. Now through to July 29th 2017 play the H-D®100 Challenge to win. Celebrate 100 years of Harley-Davidson in Canada. Play f ...
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oops. forget that question, just figured it out


is there a way to see the Challenge Routes on my computer or they only available on my phone?

  • SHoyt
  • 2017-04-11T20:09:24-04:00

Ok I'll keep checking for updates. Thought I read somewhere this began the first of April 2017 but might be thinking of something else. Thanks


Hi @SHoyt, we’re gearing up for the Ride Challenges!–when these start you’ll be able to collect your points for riding from 100km to 1600km. Stay tuned and check the H-D® Challenge landing page on the EatSleepRIDE app for all the available challenges. 

  • SHoyt
  • 2017-04-10T15:51:11-04:00

Went for my first real ride of 2017 today, got 100+ Kms logged but can't figure out how to obtain contest points for the ride? Any help would be appreciated!!

  • marina
  • 2017-03-20T00:33:42-04:00

@4rider8 yup sorry US dealerships are not in the game.

  • 4rider8
  • 2017-03-15T07:57:52-04:00

I assume US dealerships don't offer points? Over the past week I have been at dealer in Ormond Beach, Florida, New Smyrna Beach, Florida and the HD store in Key West yet nothing has shown up in app.


We just updated the FAQ! Let us know if you have questions and they will be added to the page. Ride on.