2017-02-22 21:04:37+0000 - Bali, Indonesia
  • Make:
  • Honda
  • Model:
  • NX650
  • Year:

Via Pipeburn

“This reworked torquey Honda is set up to handle the varying road conditions of Bali, using the combination of its DRZ250 front shocks and Ohlin mono suspension working together with a set of Bridgestone TW tires…a beefy 14inch 180 in the rear and an 18 inch 130 up front. A Custom made 2 into 1 manifold leads exhaust gases to the hand-built reverse cone silencer with an alloy tip, which transforms the sound of the 43HP motor perfectly.

Another alloy piece is that of the fuel tank, large enough for lengthy blasts, the tank also sports a set of Deus badges. For when its needed, stopping power comes from a pair of custom ‘wave’ disk breaks outfitted with Nissin calipers which will bring you to a halut in a safe yet face removing timeframe. The fenders were custom made, as were the foot-pegs, brake light, bubble seat and hand controls. The black HD light upfront is protected by a chrome grill for when gravely back roads are concerned and the whole thing is steered by a set of FatBar handlebars which play host to a Daytona tacho and Posh Speedo”.

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I've ridden lots of different bikes and scooters in Bali and laughed when I read the opening phrase "varying road conditions".

Have to disappoint by declaring that this lovely bike is not really equipped to deal with very many of Bali's road conditions at all -- potholes perhaps notwithstanding. 

In my rides there I have:

  • Hit a dog (and stopped and apologized to nearby people sitting on their porches. One replied, "No problem. Never liked that dog anyway"). The dog ran off.

  • Lost control (then somehow regained it) hooning around a gorgeous curve, when I hit one of many diesel slicks deposited by trucks with ill-fitting lids on their fuel tanks. It streams out as they take corners fast. 9/10 on the terrifying scale

  • Dodged soccer balls (kids play in the highway)

  • Dodged rolling coconuts

  • Dodged sprinting chicken families

  • Drove up onto the dirt shoulder to avoid flattening by oncoming trucks in my lane that are passing other trucks (this bike actually might help with that)

  • Nearly crashed into the back of trucks without tail-lights on unlit back roads. 10/10 on the terrifying scale

  • Stopped suddenly when a whiff of BBQ caught my appetite by surprise

  • Sat in blue-black stews of diesel & two-stroke fumes at 5-minute-long red lights in 30 C heat with 100% humidity, thinking "Now this is paradise!"

  • Dodged drunk / incompetent bules (white people) who don't normally ride, swerving all over Bali on scooters and Harleys

  • Slid (but not crashed) on wet paved roads that have permanent green moss growing on them from the never-ending damp

That's all I can think of, off hand. But when I look back, it's astonishing that I never crashed in Bali, given all its hazards and all the miles I put on probably half a dozen different bikes on 10+ visits there.

What an honest-to-goodness, life-loving rider needs to survive motorcycling in Bali are: good dualsport tires, a truck horn, highly functional brakes, fighter pilot reflexes, Third World driving experience, an immensity of patience and an unshakable sense of humour. Me, I don't have much of any of that... just an oversized horseshoe lodged somewhere up behind my spleen.

Pretty place though -- once you get out of town.