2017-02-23 02:03:22+0000 - Milton, Ontario, Canada

Holding a motorcycle event, outdoors, in the middle of February, in Canada is an interesting proposition. But, that’s why they call it the Grand Prix de Snow. Except, Mother Nature had some different plans this year. With the sun out and balmy spring-like temperatures, the Grand Prix de Snow transformed into it’s summer counter-part, the Grand Prix de Mud. Leading up to the event, organizers were vague about exactly what would be happening -- wisely so as the weather in Southern Ontario has been predictably unpredictable lately. The word they were spreading was simply... 'we will be riding and there will be fun to be had’. Ok, good enough for me!

The event, a collaboration between Husqvarna Canada, Town Moto and Canadian moto legend Lawrence Hacking, just happens to take place in my ‘hood of Campbellville, Ontario at the Mohawk Inn (who are clearly willing to allow an invasion of dirt bikers to tear up their lovely premises, bless them). If you’ve read @champers account of Husqvarna Canada’s Ice Rip in Quebec (if you haven’t read it, I suggest you do, as well as the rest of his wonderful encounters with the world of motorcycles while you’re at it) you’ll know that this is a brand that knows how to throw an event. There was a fleet of Husqvarna’s all adorned with studded tires for everyone’s enjoyment. Their approach seems to be to keep things casual and fun, which I love. You won’t find any heavy sales tactics, they let the machines speak for themselves.

It felt absolutely wonderful to be out riding a motorcycle, mid-February, without being all bundled up and working up a sweat winding through the short woods loop that was laid out. The ground was frozen underneath a layer of snow and mud, so it made for some interesting riding, especially as the day wore on and the trails got tracked out by all of the riders and as the thaw continued in the afternoon sun. The main track where the racing took place started off thinly snow covered, but by the end of the day had transformed into a glorious muddy mess. Huge grins could be found on every riders face. We were all covered in mud, and loving it. Here's hoping we're allowed back next winter!

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Dam. Sorry I missed it. I was seriously contemplating hauling the KTM down there on Saturday night but went out drinking instead.  Looks like you did have a blast tho

  • nick303
  • 2017-03-01T12:38:08-05:00

@Teramuto Oh yes! I was sufficiently filthy and grinning ear to ear.


Hey @nick303. Looks like yo had a blast. Did you get a chance to get muddy?


Filthy dirty fun