2017-03-05 23:03:14+0000 - Rancho Cordova, Ca, United States

A couple of months ago, I had posted a story here about a book I'd written that was near ready to be published. Well, Asphalt & Dirt - Life on Two Wheels is now in print and available as an e-book.

Featuring an eclectic mix of builders, former racers, industry leaders, adventurers and everyday riders, Asphalt & Dirt –Life on Two Wheels tells stories that are meant to inspire, entertain, and reinvigorate the art of the short bio.

There’s Mark Wilsmore, credited with restoring the iconic Ace Café in London who served for 20 years as a mounted policeman in London. Chris Van Dyke, son of Dick Van Dyke, who rode and built bikes well into his 20s before his famous father found out. Gard Hollinger, business partner of Keanu Reeves and co-founder of Arch Motorcycle, who was raised by a single mom, raced bikes and even tried his hand at acting before settling into custom bike building.

Print versions are available at www.roaddogpub.com Kindle versions are on Amazon and Nook versions are on Barnes and Noble.

Thanks in advance for getting your own copy. Enjoy!

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