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KTM Announces Fuel-Injected Two-Stroke Enduros for 2018

KTM introduces its new fuel-injected enduro models: the 250 and 300 EXC TPI and the 250 XC-W TPI. Expected to hit the market around Spring of 2018.

The "Ready to Race" Austrian brand has officially announced their plans for throwing fuel-injected two-strokes into the enduro-market. KTM is already the undisputed king of this catagory at the moment (and for some time) with their extensive catalog of off-road two and four-stroke machines.

KTM is calling these new carb-replacing systems "Transfer Port Inject". The new line of off-roaders will have the moniker "TPI" next to the model and numbers distinguishing displacement.

450cc four stroke engines have become more popular in recent years than the 250cc two strokes that once reigned supreme in both racing and the showroom. As emissions laws continue to get even tighter the fuel injected two stroke being developed and brought to market was all but a forgone conclusion, though it is a little surprising that KTM has developed a FI two-stroke before laws require them to do so. Unsurprisingly KTM is the first company to offer these engines everyone has been expecting for close to a decade. Over the years they've been arguably the most innovative manufacturer to be developing these types of machines and have poured far more into two-stroke R&D than any of their competitors. So it's (more than) safe to assume that KTM's 2018 fuel injected two stroke will be a thing of beauty in both form and function when it debuts next year.

Europe will be the first market graced by the trusted orange brand's newest earth-friendly(er) offerings in the form of a 250 and 300(cc) EXC TPI bikes with KTM aiming for a May 2018 rollout. The US and Canadian markets will get the 250(cc) XC-W TPI (hopefully) by late fall, being sold at first in limited numbers. It appears none of these new motorcycles will be offered in street legal trim but if anyone's going to mass produce street legal two strokes, it'll be KTM. The bikes' international media launch will be on May 15, 2017 and will reveal further info and specs on said bikes.

Fortunately for us, (and not so much for KTM) we won't have to wait until next month because several spy shots of the 300 EXC TPI model was leaked, giving us a glimpse of the next big thing in two-wheeled off-roading. Not only does this new technology increase fuel consumption, but no longer will owners have to premix their fuel or alter the jetting on their two-stroke enduro before riding. This makes KTM's modo of "Ready To Race" more accurate than ever.

Check back here on May 17th for more info on these mechanical marvels.

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