Motorcycle Safety in Your Pocket for Less Than $10 Per Year

If you get into a motorcycle accident, you want help to arrive fast. With the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App, a crash is detected automatically and notifications are sent to your pre-set contacts with your last known geographical location.

Motorcycle riders are more vulnerable on the road than cars. We built the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App to help riders and their loved ones feel secure that should anything go wrong on the road, help is a notification away.

What's the difference between Spot Satellite GPS Messenger and EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App?

Spot operates on the Iridium satellite-based transmission system and requires the purchase of additional hardware. The rider needs to constantly check-in to activate emergency notifications. The annual subscription cost is about $100 per year.

The EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App uses readily available GPS systems to record your ride and automatically detect when you need help. No additional hardware is required, only access to a cellular network and data connectivity.

Manually send SOS notifications or have the software do the work for me?

With Spot, if you need help you must have direct line of sight to the sky and press a button to alert your contacts. You also need to manually press buttons to check-in (say that you are ok), ask personal contacts for assistance, or send an SOS to emergency services.

With the EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App and CRASHLIGHT, the rider doesn't need to take any action in the event of a crash. CRASHLIGHT will automatically alert your safety team with emergency information and your last known location.

If you're in an area with weak cellular reception, CRASHLIGHT continuously sends alerts until it successfully notifies your pre-set contacts.

Buy New Hardware Or Use A Smartphone You Already Own? 

Spot requires you to buy a special device from which your notifications and location detection is operated from, which costs $115 (USD) in addition to the annual $99 (USD) subscription fee.

The EatSleepRIDE Motorcycles App and CRASHLIGHT run on your smartphone leveraging software built-in to the iPhone 4, 4S iPhone 5. No additional hardware is required.

The EatSleepRIDE App is a one time download of $2.99, CRASHLIGHT® is a premium in-App purchase of $4.99 per year. The subscription will not renew automatically at the end of the year.

Which Tool Is Better Bang for Your Buck?

If you're motorcycle touring and doing most of your riding on the road within GPS and cellular/WiFi network range, the EatSleepRIDE App offers you everything you need at $2.99 for the App and $4.99 per year for CRASHLIGHT.

If you're doing off-road adventure riding in areas outside of GPS range with no cellular networks available, you may be better off with Spot at $115 for the hardware and $99 per year for the subscription.

How do I know CrashLight works?

Over the last two years, the EatSleepRIDE team worked very closely with a group of University of Toronto mechanical and physical engineers and esteemed government and private sector crash scene scientists to develop the crash detection technology. It works.

We did our research. As part of the development of the technology, we worked with 50 riders in 10 countries to extensively map normal motorcycle riding conditions against all types of motorcycle crashes including single vehicle, low-side and high-side as well as multi-vehicle crashes.

Authors of the most influential and comprehensive motorcycle crash study of the 20th century, the Hurt Report, where consulted to create reliable physical world crash testing for CrashLight. We continue to conduct physical crash tests with dummies for every new release of the ESR App.

The multi-signal crash detection technology means CrashLight will NOT be activated when the rider drops their phone or comes to a hard stop. Although a false detection may occur, we've worked very carefully to reduce this possibility.

CRASHLIGHT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

CRASHLIGHT Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is CRASHLIGHT®? CRASHLIGHT® is a new safety technology developed specifically for motorcycle riders. In the event of a crash CRASHLIGHT lets you choose your safety team. With no additiona ...

So which one is right for you?

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