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Own a piece of WSBK History; MV Agusta F3 & F4 RC WSSP & WSBK specs from 2016 season for sale!

The 2016 MV Agusta F4 RC and F3 RC that were raced in the 2016 World Superbike and World Supersport Championships have popped up for sale in Southern California. Both bikes come with a hefty price tag but one or two lucky people may soon have one of the most advanced production based superbikes and supersport bikes on the planet right now.

2016 MV Agusta F3 RC WSSP Spec

The three-cylinder F3 RC features a counter-rotating crankshaft like that of a MotoGP machine and it's packed with cutting edge, top-of-the-line race components. Simply put it's a full WSSP spec bike.

This very model finished second place overall in the 2016 season, piloted by Jules Cluzel and Lorenzo Zanetti are both signed the MV. This is the ultimate version of the bike that was not only the legendary Massimo Tamburini's last design for MV Agusta but it's also been awarded the "World's Most Beautiful 600" award. This 675cc machine will set you back a cool $49,000 USD but it's some damn fine (and damn fast) motorcycle art.

This bike comes in mint condition with brand new engine but check out its list of top-shelf race parts:

Fairings: Plasticbike
Faring Brackets: Febur
Air Intakes: Carbonin
Ari Filter: MWR
Radiator: Febur Radiators
ECU & Electronics: Mectronik (Racing Loom, 2 Engine Maps, Aliant Ultralight Battery, Rear Tire Infrared Sensor, Front and Rear Brake Pressure Sensors, Front and Rear Suspension Sensors and Others)
Front Fork Cartridges: Ohlins - Andreani
Rear Suspension: Ohlins TTX - Andreani
Rearsets: Valtermoto
Dashboard: Magneti Marelli MDU-230
Exhaust: SC Project
Slipper Clutch: EVR

2016 MV Agusta F4 RC WSBK Spec

Though Leon Camier finished overall in 8th place last season, that doesn't mean the 220HP bike he rode in 2016 isn't something truly special. It does come at a price of $129,000 USD, but it's indisputably a remarkable machine that is the best of its kind that money can buy.

The F4 has been featured at both the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and the Guggenheim, leaving no doubt as to the immense artistic value that the F4 possesses, and that was before it got a face lift and changed to all-out race trim.

Each component was carefully selected, making up the sum that is this exquisite 998cc four-cylinder racer. Like the F3, it has been autographed by its 2016 pilot, the #2 rider, Leon Camier. Below is a list of the components on this exclusive WSBK F4:

Engine Type: In-Line 4 Cylinders, 998cc
Engine Oil: Motul 15w50
Power: Over 220HP
Fairings: Carbonin
Fairing Brackets: MV Agusta
Seat Frame: RS
Air Intakes: Carbonin
Air Filter: MWR
Radiator: Taleo
ECU & Electronics: Marelli (Front Speed Sensor, Racing Loom, 2 Engine Maps, GPS, Aliant UltraLight Battery, Rear Tire Infrared Sensor, Front and Rear Brake Pressure Sensors, Front and Rear Suspensions Sensors and Others)
Front Fork Cartridges: Ohlins - Andreani
Rear Suspension: Ohlins TTX - Andreani
Rearsets: Valtermoto
Dashboard: Magneti Marelli MDU230-G
Slipper Clutch: EVR
Brakes: Brembo
Exhaust: SC Project 4 into 1
Handlebars and Footpegs: Valtermoto
Chain: Tsubaki
Special Parts: AEM

Even with the limited production WSBK-inspired RC versions of both of these models available for less than half the price of these actual WSBK (and WSSP) bikes, these wildly expensive machines are one of a kind, have a place in motorsport history, and are jam-packed with ultra high end race parts. It's jaw-dropping what these bikes can do. The onboard electronics make adjustments to things like suspension settings, traction control, wheel spin and slide control as well as the bike's geometry for each sector of every lap around a track - giving the rider optimal settings at every turn.

MV Agusta's race team has already spent days dialing in these settings so all you have to do is show up to a track with a laptop and punch in what circuit you're on and you're good to go. It's important to remember that you're paying for features like this that were, until now, never before possible and still won't be seen on production machines for close to a decade.

Both machines are in immaculate running condition and are ready to be raced, though realistically (and unfortunately) they are more likely to be displayed by a collector.

I genuinely hope to own a modern WSSP spec 600 (preferably an R6, F3 or Daytona 675) of this caliber in the next couple decades as these can be ridden by mortals such as myself far better than a Moto2 GP machine which require superhuman abilities to fully exploit.

The bikes each come with their own certificate of authenticity and are both currently for sale at Newport Italian in Costa Mesa, California They can be reached at (949)-515-8377 or at Luca@newportItalian.com or
Massimo@newportItalian.com or at http://www.newportitalian.com/
1536 Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA

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