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CBR1000RR hits mattress at 50mph!

CCTV footage taken from a tunnel in Brisbane, Australia last week caught yet another motorcycle-related event, and shows how often crazy stuff happens now that cameras are rolling 24/7.

The grainy image shows a truck driving in the left lane with a mattress haphazardly tied down. A motorcycle traveling at around 50mph, piloted by Aaron Wood, approaches in the right lane. All of the sudden the mattress flies off the truck and lands directly in Wood's path and then somehow gets wrapped around Wood's front wheel, resulting in an unintentional stoppie. Shockingly he came to a safe stop and luckily for Wood, he wasn't rear ended by any vehicles behind him.

"I have been riding for 20 years and never had something like this happen," said Wood after the ordeal. Many articles are reporting that the mattress "saved" Wood which is odd since the mattress was clearly the cause of this situation that could have been exponentially more dangerous.

Police in Queensland managed to track down the truck driver who was then slapped with a $275 (Australian) fine - not much of a hefty fine considering that a different outcome could have resulted in something far more serious.

Wood told a local newspaper that he was certain of what he was going to do as the mattress rapidly neared him. Somehow he managed to (at least according to reports) tear the rubber grips off of his clip-ons, though that may say more about Wood needing to replace his grips than it does anything else.

Luckily his custom CBR1000RR has some damn fine brakes and he was able to walk (and ride) away from this truly unlikely sequence of events. It is unclear whether the driver of the Toyota pickup that was hauling the mattress was aware of what had happened, the lack of a mattress in the truck's bed upon getting to his destination was hopefully concerning.

If videos like this teach us anything, it's to always be aware and alert. Remember to be focused on your surroundings. Though it is unclear if Wood could have done anything differently to prevent this, it is safe to assume that it prudent to keep your distance from any vehicle carrying cargo out in the open.

Remember to stay frosty and ride safe.

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  • alex
  • 2017-04-13T15:05:14-04:00

That rider has some excellent reactions. Scary. 

Almost happened to me once with a bathtub falling off a pickup truck. Obviously, I avoided it, but when I called it in to the cops (after remembering to breathe) they didn't care as there was no damage.


$275 for nearly killing a biker... Seems right.


@TimHuber crazy story!