2011-07-25 12:37:50+0000

People be backflipping everything these days ;) During the recent Red Bull X-Fighters at the Bull Ring in Madrid, Spain, Marc Coma lent his 140 kg KTM Rally bike to Gilles De Jong of Belgium who, after two months of foam pit training backflipped the rally bike in front of the huge crowd in Spain.

Marc Coma: "I have to take my hat off to Gilles. Never in my wildest dreams would I have tried that. I'm glad my bike is still in good shape!"

Gilles De Jong: "You can't really compare the handling with an FMX bike. You really need to work it hard. Marc was a lot of help during the preparations. He showed me in Dubai in April that it was possible to do tricks with a rally bike. I leaned out the window pretty far by betting that I could do a backflip on his bike!"

source: KTM http://esr.cc/rrOrFQ

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