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Actor Tom Hardy Foils London Motorcycle Theft

It's not often the world of Hollywood celebrities crosses paths with our motorcycle world, but over the weekend that's exactly what happened. Actor Tom Hardy of Mad Max: Fury Road, The Revenant and The Dark Knight Rises (just to name a few) found himself in the right place at the right time to intervene in what can only be described as an amateur motorcycle theft.

Hardy was in London last Sunday when he witnessed a motorcycle run a red light and collide with a car. The two sixteen-year-olds, who had moments earlier stolen said motorcycle, were making a haphazard getaway attempt which resulted in the accident. While there is no description as to exactly what prompted Hardy to start chasing after two teenagers who had just wrecked a motorbike, my guess is their behavior lacked the subtlety which could have allowed them to possibly talk their way out of the unfortunate situation.

That the A-lister has attended a handful of motorcycle launch events suggests at the very least that Mr. Hardy has an appreciation for bikes so when he put two and two together and realized a bike had been stolen he did the right (and notably badass) thing.

The 39 year-old London native gave chase through alleys and over fences before physically apprehending one of the trouble-makers. Police who were almost immediately on scene were then able to nab the other young thief, giving this story about as positive of an outcome as possible, given the circumstances.

The media coverage has almost certainly enhanced the reality of what happened with hyperbole and who can blame them? An action star doing some IRL ass-kicking is admittedly a pretty great story.

We EatSleepRiders tip our proverbial hats to Mr. Hardy for selflessly inserting himself into a potentially dangerous situation to fight against one of the more heinous modern capital crimes: stealing someone's motorcycle.


  1. I enjoy imagining the kid Hardy caught explaining what happened to someone else in jail, or a friend after he's released: "We had just stolen this motorbike and were fleeing and we hit a car. All of a sudden bloody Mad Max was chasing us and he tackled me." It almost sounds like a madlib. (I also like to think he spoke to the kid in his Bane voice because...why not?)
  2. You don't need to have first hand experience running from the police to grasp the idea that 99% of the time, whoever is running away is far more motivated to get away than the pursuer is to catch them. Now, think about how much more intensely Hardy must have tried to catch these guys considering how badly these kids must have wanted to get away. Sixteen-year-olds are fast. Sixteen-year-olds who are fleeing a grand-theft charge are even faster, though in this case, not fast enough.

So kudos to Tom Hardy who has certainly scored some major points with the riding community this weekend.

And hopefully thieves around the world now have one more reason NOT to steal someone else's bike: because an A-list action star might chase, tackle and detain them.

It's always refreshing to see actors who do more than just "talk the talk", especially when saving a motorcycle is the outcome.

Bravo Mr. Hardy, well done.

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@marina full disclosure; that was pretty much my first thought when hearing about this and it's what made me want to write this fun little story. Glad you enjoyed it

  • marina
  • 2017-04-27T13:29:56-04:00

What?! Love the quote...

"We had just stolen this motorbike and were fleeing and we hit a car. All of a sudden bloody Mad Max was chasing us and he tackled me."