2017-05-08 16:29:46+0000 - Kalamazoo, Michigan, United States

The SyncRIDE is a moto-doc film series featuring a week of riding with unique motorcycle riders as they take us on their ultimate ride.

James T started riding upon returned home from his tour of duty in Iraq as part of the US Marine Corps. On the road with his Honda Goldwing, he finds the same serenity and focus that he also gets from practicing yoga and meditating. Here he takes us on a sentimental journey along the same route he used to travel with his family when he was a boy, visiting his grandparents.

Director Spencer Millsap was inspired by his subject and the environment. He allowed the sweeping landscapes and birds eye views of winding Michigan roads in fall to guide him toward this finished product.

Film Credits

Featuring: James T.

Director: Spencer Millsap

Camera: Spencer Millsap

Music: Spencer Millsap

SyncRIDE Motion Graphics: Rubber Pixel
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On May 27, 2017, the last Saturday of Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, EatSleepRIDE invites motorcyclists around the world to attempt the largest collective synchronized ride in history to demonstrate for motorcycle safety. It’s called SyncRIDE.

Kickstands up everywhere at 10AM EDT. Rain or shine, on your own or with friends. It doesn't matter what you ride.

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The Route

Open up WEDNESDAY in the EatSleepRIDE app and take the ride up the Michigan coast in fall with James T.

Peace along Lake Michigan with James T - a Wednesday #SyncRIDE

Peace along Lake Michigan with James T - a Wednesday #SyncRIDE

The SyncRIDE is a week of short moto-doc videos where seven riders take us along on their routes. The inspiring videos lead up to the SyncRIDE event Saturday May 27th 2017. Riding a motorcycle is ...
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